Is it Freedom?

A new beginning

11 First Summer 150 AU

After confirming that the four people in the cage were drugged and unable to be roused from their stupor, the party proceeded through the Inquisition’s barracks. You entered a chamber filled with a haze, and the ever present drumming was loudest in this room, though you could now make out the source, a massive framed drum at the rear of the room, beside a altar.

On the altar was one of the villagers from Penthflower, and standing over him with a knife was an Priest of the Inquisition, uttering words in an unknown tongue. Springing into action, you managed to quickly knock out the converted villagers that rushed to attack you. You also began to deal rapidly with the Inquisition soldiers, however the strange miasma in the air was having some odd effects, whenever you got wounded, you were overcome by an uncontrollable rage, and in Og’s case, it was severe enough to knock Gurukaas unconscious.

In fact, it was neither Gurukaas (brought round by a quick potion fix by Elthuin) nor Raaxis’s night, as they each fell again to the footman and the priest, who proved a huge nuisance by banishing Og out of the fight.

You eventually won, and tied up the crazed villagers and released Justin, the blacksmith of Penthflowers apprentice. He informed you that the smith himself was killed by the Inquisition when they burned down the smithy.

You retired then out from the barracks, after stopping to loot the treasury, and concealed yourselves just outside of town whilst Chiana went and fetched the old priest, Father Eldin, who managed to clear the insanity that infected the two ox drivers that came from Penthflower.

After he had left, and you had donated a few hundred coins to his Church, you travelled slowly back to Penthflower, through the pouring rain, carting the crazed villagers, who came round as you entered the village.

13 First Summer 150 AU

Upon your return to town, the ruler of Drask, Kal Meeron was in Penthflower, supervising the pulling down of the half completed Inquisition barracks.

Greeting you, he enquired after your travels, and you gave him a report of your actions over the last two weeks in clearing the old Dwarven Shrine, the discovery of Belak, the crazy druid who was making the trees come to life, and the rediscovery of the old dwarven outpost, which Kal Meeron identified as Nubenzagar, an ancient dwarven hold that was abandoned some centuries past.

You also let him know about the Inquisition taking the young of Penthflower and the ritual that you had interrupted in Etherwine. Concerned, he told you to continue your investigations, and he also put you in charge of improving the village for him, and he left you some funds and materials to do so.

14 First Summer 150 AU through 24 First Summer 150 AU

During these two five-days, you helped to add improvements to the town, increasing it’s income by establishing a pair of trade routes, one into Drask and one down to Etherwine, and starting rebuilding the blacksmith and beginning the work on a wooden palisade to protect the town.

You also trained several of the townsmen as militia, hopefully they can stand off any small banditry and monsters that bother the town while you’re away.

Several of you also investigated the possibility of houses in the town, though with the craftsmen available, only Jaunet was satisfied by the basic way that they would be done.

25 First Summer 150 AU

It’s dawn at the end of the first month of summer, and you are preparing to hit the road once more…


Hedron Hedron

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