Is it Freedom?

Caves and Kobolds

You woke up how?

T’was an interesting morning, that was for sure.

Coming around in the dark, cold and dripping dungeon was a bit of a surprise, though not as surprising as seeing the other barely dressed people that were sharing the cell with you.

In the cell, (including yourself) was a man, a dragonborn, what you hoped wasn’t a high elf, a half-orc, a man with a superior smirk and a third man, who had the look of a priest.

After the man with the smirk had freed a hand, apparently removing some skin in the process, there was the sound of approaching footsteps, and a jingling of keys. Opening the cell door, the guards came in, led by an individual whom, given his greasy and unkempt appearance, must have been the jailer.

Releasing you from your shackles, you were led by spear point (and occasional spear butt) through some long, twisty tunnels, that got more and more dwarven in appearance the further you went from the cells.

You eventually appeared in much warmer room than the dungeon, a fairly large room with banners every few yards down both sides, and a throne at the far end. Once you got closer to the throne, you made out the two figures, a dwarf sitting on the throne, and a man in plate armour, showing some signs of abuse, and with a huge bruise on one side of his face.

The guards made you line up in front of the pair, and made you wait upon the king, Kal Meeron.

He gave you a once over then looked at the man standing beside him. “So Captain, this motley bunch managed to beat you and your armsmen in a tavern brawl? So much for the vaunted proficiency of the Inquisition”

The captain, scowls at you and the dwarf king in turn, before trying to have a large (and height reducing procedure) performed on you. Kal Meeron, promptly “bopped” him on the head, told him to go away, then proceeded to banish you from Drask

You were then taken through some more tunnels, though given the level of dust and dirt, the promise of “being sent out onto the trade road” seemed less and less likely. After you recovered all your equipment (with some sideways looks at Og and his axe from the mainly human guards), you were led to a set of enormous, dust covered stone doors, fantastically carved, and incredibly heavy, as it needed assistance from Raaxis to open.

After Jaunet lit a torch, the large stone door was sealed shut behind you, and you were left in darkness (mostly). Travelling down the wide dwarven made passage for around an hour, as the torch guttered out and another was lit, Jaunet spotted something glinting to one side. It appeared to be a small, dwarven made book stand, with a single letter sitting upon it. After it had been looked at thoroughly by Elthuin, the letter was picked up and read. In the local trade tongue, it requested that the adventurers, upon leaving the tunnels, went to the town of Penthflower, and in exchange for five silvers a day, plus basic room and board, the group was to assist the Innkeeper of the Sunset, in anyway possible to ensure that the Inquisition didn’t gain too much of a foothold in the town.

Upon further examination of the paper the note was written on, Chiana found that the note had been there for a good long while, at least several years, as the paper was brittle, despite being of high quality.

Thinking that they could sort something out when they got out onto the plains, the note was pocketed and the march to the outside proceeded.

For around forty minutes.

At this point the dwarven tunnel had suffered a major collapse, with the entire width of the enormous tunnel blocked with rubble. Despairing for only a second or two, a small, four foot high cave was spotted off the to left of the rockfall, which after exploration by Elthuin, led into a further, larger cave inhabited by pygmy dragonborn (as it was put so eloquently by Elthuin).

Travelling through the cave into the cavern, the group managed to get nearly everyone though unseen, until the heavily armoured Raaxis and Gurukaas managed to alert the creatures within to their presence.

After a brief battle, in which Og took several mighty blows, and repaid in kind (and following a burst of life energy from Gurukaas to close up some of the wounds), they proceeded through some more caves, discovering some long abandoned crates from a dwarven merchant house containing some usable coinage, they encountered the leader of the kobold (as indeed, that’s what the pygmy dragonborn were), a winged kobold that promptly threw bolts of searing fire at the scouting Elthuin.

A fierce battle followed, with several of the party being put to sleep, before the strange kobold and her guards were “put down”.

Clearing the rest of the tunnels, the party found where the kobolds had entered the caves, from a vertical chimney that led deeper underground, into the Underdark, that the kobolds had re-purposed into a privy.

Luckily, they found the passage that led back into the dwarven tunnels, and several hours later, they exited onto the side of a mountain, overlooking the land of Hendra.

Proceeding down towards the just visible lights of a town at night, the party ventured past a large wood (or a small forest), were Og, moving ahead of the group, startled some deer, and with a mighty javelin throw, took one down. After butchering the beast, a process that made Chiana slightly queasy, the group continued into Penthflower, were at the Sunset Inn, they managed to negotiate beds and board with the new Innkeeper Content Not Found: bolan, using the decade old note from Kal Meeron.

The next morning, after some honey sweetened porridge, the party was given knowledge about the town, including the status of the often pilfered from Inquisition barracks going up across from the Inn. As the Inquisition had been pulled mostly off to the coast to “command” the Hendran military to fend of an upsurge of Elven raiders, he didn’t appear too bothered about “hindering them” though if they could figure out what happened to the trees (apparently, a couple of times a year, several get up and walk away) or the dwarven outpost that hadn’t been heard from in several years they could fulfil their “debt” to Drask and it’s Kal. Alternatively, which the party decided to do, an old dwarven shrine up on the mountain road to Drask had been taken over by goblins, and they were attacking the caravans that traded up that way.

Getting to the shrine was easy, and in amongst the goblin graffiti over the images of Moradin, they found a hidden door deeper into the shrine, which they decided to take, after hearing some strange shuffling noises from behind the main door.

The tunnel, after springing a trap onto the unaware Gurukaas, from which the group found a nice dwarven made spear, they found the priest chamber. After a quick search, they found several nice things, and Jaunet left an apologetic kobold knife after the rest of the party had left.

They quickly found the source of the shuffling, four zombies occupying a rough hewn chamber that lay just after the priests calling room. During the fight, several goblins tried make a run through the chaos, but a fast sleep spell from Chiana and some knife work later, they (and the smashing and slicing resistant zombies) lay dead.

At this point the party had a short rest, to gather their breath, before they proceed deeper into the shrine…


Hedron Hedron

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