Is it Freedom?

Clockwork and Magic

2 First Autumn 150AU

After destroying the large convoy of Inquisition troops escorting “something” back into Hendra from an unknown point, the party investigated where they had come from. Following the road and the increasing sounds of water, they found the road leading out into the river, then jutting a few meters into the abyss as the river fell away into a magnificent waterfall, and directly opposite the waterfall, across a huge chasm, there stood a magnificent building, vaguely dwarven in appearance.

Standing at the edge of the roadway, studying several waist high pillars, was a human woman in heavy armour, carrying several large weapons.

When approached by Elthuin, the woman introduced herself as Raidne, a warrior on a quest based on a vision she received involving demons, a portal and the the structure across the chasm, guided to this spot by the Priests of Zarebi.

Somewhat doubtful, Elthuin introduced the rest of the group, and after a discussion and several attempts at working the pillars, which were inscribed with strange, nearly dwarven runes, Og managed to work the gemstone switches and with a sound of rushing air and discharging static, a magical bridge shot out over the chasm, linking the road where the party was standing to the structure across the chasm.

Crossing the semi-transparent bridge, the party entered a huge entry area, with the walls full of moving gears and cogs of varying sizes, somehow drawing the eye to the large doors into the structure proper. The doors, filled with unmoving cogs, at least wide enough to allow carts to enter two at a time, moved easily when the handles were tried by Elthuin, in fact moving so rapidly it pulled him a few paces into a long corridor, again filled with cogs and gears in the wall, to a matching set of doors about 20 meters away.

These doors led into a chamber, set up like a stable livery yard, with tack on one wall, and one of the extremely lightweight carts that the Inquisition was using for it’s ill-fated convoy. Moving from this chamber into the next, the party found a chamber set up much like a market, despite being deep inside a mountain.

After looking at the odd collection of small cogs and gears, made out of some strange brass-looking metal, the party was attacked by several small, shadowy undead, that all but drained the life from Raidne, and several other members of the party.

After recuperating from this fight, they continued through the structure, finding a room full of clockwork toy soldiers and a barracks with beds designed for people of small structure, pushed together to make beds for larger creatures.

Eventually, they found an unusual clockwork key that opened up a chamber with a concealed door. After triggering an explosion, a glyph hidden in the disguised door, the some of the party are staggering back when….


Hedron Hedron

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