Is it Freedom?

Into the mountains

Curse lifted, a new direction

Managing a quick trip to Drask, the party were directed by the Alemaster of Drask (it’s high priest) to retrieve some tomes of ancient dwarven rites, in exchange for lifting the curse on poor Elthuin.

Finding the abandoned shrine in the Underdark, Elthuin’s quest for a cure nearly ended when he ended up in a one on one fight against a mind flayer.

Luckily it didn’t, and the party retrieved the needed books. Returning to the Alemaster, he performed the ritual needed to lift the curse, though it involved a tough fight against several demons, Elthuin was freed.

After the curse was lifted, the party had a chat with the leader of Drask, Kal Meeron who directed the party to “do whatever they wish, as long as it increases trade between Ralston and Hendra.”

The news that the plainsmen barbarians of Ralston are increasing their raids on trade caravans added to the party’s woes, they decided that the Inquisition presence in the nearby mountains was the most pressing matter, and they headed that way.

The party has just defeated a heavily guarded caravan leaving a unusual looking building deep in the Sunrise Mountains, though with no idea as to what the Inquisition was leaving with.

Now, as autumn starts to lose it’s grip and winter begins, what will the party discover?


Hedron Hedron

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