Is it Freedom?

Into Towns

3 Second Summer 150 AU to 18 Second Summer 150 AU

After destroying a hidden Inquisition training camp for assassins, you proceeded towards Ba’aran, a middle sized city a week or so to the south of Penthflower.

There, you had some issues with the local Inquisition, when Gurukaas was arrested for being a heretic.

Fortunately, you managed to escape the town, even with the Inquisition teleporting in reinforcements.

Later on as you regrouped just north of Ba’aran, you made out a screeching sound that directed your gazes back toward the walled city.

Launching themselves from one of the taller towers, two shapes rapidly flew towards you, and after a few moments, they revealed themselves to be armored wyvern cavalry.

After fighting them off, you retrieved an odd pentagonal amulet from one of the “knights” and determining that they weren’t part of the normal Inquisition forces, you headed out away from the town before circling back towards “that fishing village”

On the way, you encountered a herd of wild cattle, that after a taming (then butchering attempt) that stampeded Og into the dirt. Og is still looking for his Eggs Benedict.

23 Second Summer 150 AU

A few days later, you arrived at the “fishing village”. After bluffing your way into the town, and having a brief look at the fishing vessels, a mighty bell rang out, and the strangely efficient militia fishermen rushed to the harbour man the ships, one of the mercenary captains grabbed Raaxis and sent the party to the tower.

There in the entry chamber, after setting off a glyph trap, they were ambushed by several mercenary warriors, and during the scuffle, Gurukaas fell to their blades.

The party is now recovering after the fight, and the strange effects of whatever curse is affecting Elthuin…


Hedron Hedron

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