Is it Freedom?

Keep them wagons rolling

11 First Summer, 150 AU

After a peaceful, undisturbed rest in the Inn’s basement, you awoke to find that both Esky Timbers and Gladys Firewine had disappeared during the night, with Gladys leaving you a present of money and a note scribed in Elvish.

I thank you for your aid, please accept this token of thanks. I’m sure we’ll meet again

Leaving the basement, you quickly questioned some of the village folk, and after questioning Uncle Mede in his shop, he let you know that he hadn’t seen his son, as he sent him on the road west earlier to pick some things up for him. Chiana spotted that the shop had all it’s metal items missing, spade heads, rake heads, scythe blades, all gone. When they questioned Uncle about it, he said that the Inquisition had taken them all, at the same time they burnt down the blacksmith.

Concerned for the blacksmith, they quickly searched the remains of the smithy, fortunately not finding any bones in the wreckage.

Deciding that they had lost enough time, they headed out of town at a extremely brisk pace, trying to catch the fleeing wagons of the Inquisition on foot.

That evening, a tired party entered the town of Etherwine, though Chiana was exhausted, they got rooms at the Inn (cheap) and had some food and beer (expensive). Chiana had a look round the local Church of the Unchained God, and found an old priest, Father Eldin, who gave her some info on their religious practices, which seemed occasionally at odds with the behaviour of the Inquisition – a fact the priest seemed really uncomfortable with.

Later that night, Ethan and Chiana went and explored the Inquisition barracks on the outskirts of town, and saw a large number of guards on the wall. When Ethan struggled to climb the palisade to look in, Chiana had a go and saw the last of a group of the captured children being led into the building. The puzzling thing is that she spotted only one wagon, whereas Jaunet (care of his owl familiar) knew that there was at least three that left Penthflower.

Coming back to let the rest of the party know what they had found, they all returned to the barracks, and using a combination of stealth and blades, Og and Ethan climbed the wall and dispatched the two pairs of patrolling guards, though their was a brief instance of panic, when they tossed some of the bodies over the wall, the guards quivers emptied, nearly hitting Chiana, who was at the base of the palisade to provide some magical support for the infiltration effort.

After opening the palisade gate and entering the main building, they found a kind of internal stables that contained six unusually proportioned horses. The rest of the building was taken up by two short archery ranges and two circles, that Raaxis identified as sword training areas.

Around the edge of the building, about 25ft up, there was a narrow wooden walkway that allowed access to the barracks arrow slits. Deciding it would be a great vantage point to attack anything that appeared, Chiana climbed up a nearby ladder, but when she tried to pull it up, she dropped it, making a huge clattering sound.

A few seconds later, the rooms everburning torches got covered by hoods, plunging the room into darkness, allowing a pair of shadowy warriors to attack the party, severely wounding Gurukaas. The team managed to dispatch the assassins, but were then faced with a new problem. The door to the lower level was locked tight, and it was a huge steel door, designed to withstand (according to Raaxis) siege weaponry. Of further concern was the barely audible “boom boom boom” of slow drumbeats from behind the door.

Using Raaxis’ block and tackle and the strange horses. they managed to get the door harnessed up to the horses, and with a command from Og, the they managed to free the door. Unfortunately, the horses didn’t seem to be able to stop, and they went bolting off into the darkness, dragging the remains of the door (and Raaxis’ block and tackle) behind them.

Descending into the next level, they encountered a weapons room and a barracks on one side, the barracks containing two Inquisition guards and one of the Inquisition Captains. Killing them proved easy once more (thanks to Chiana’s heat metal), they then checked the next room.

It was pitch black, and even the parties lights didn’t penetrate too far into it. Upon entering, the leading members of the group were attacked by living shadows, draining the strength of Og and Ethan. Deciding that fighting shadows was a fools game, the party explored the other side of the entry room, finding a guardpost (empty, bar a few coins) and a prison area, were several of the missing children were found, including Uncle Mede’s son, Inbral.

A quick look over them revealed that they had been drugged by something to make them docile, as they didn’t respond to any of the groups questions or actions.

Pausing briefly, the party is debating what to do next.


Hedron Hedron

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