Is it Freedom?

Magi and Priests

2 First Autumn 150AU

As the dust from the exploded door settled, two bolts of lightning launched themselves through the cloud, and 6 apprentice Unchained mages and two Battlemages fired off a huge magical assault, which combined with the tight corridor, caused some problems for the party.

Adding to the problem, a portcullis stood in the way of the parties path to the battlemages, though a pair of teleporting spells got around that issue.

After defeating the mages, the party found a target range for the apprentices, and further into the complex, they found a larger practice range, complete with several cages containing dogs, which the party freed, after deciding that the Unchained mages were using them for area spell target practice.

Exploring further, the party found a large chamber with a closet at the back, containing a closet full of valuable spell components, including two hundred golds worth of diamond dust. However, when they tried to leave with the materials, the room filled with a blue light, and the door out locked.

Teleporting in to do battle, a horned devil caught the party by surprise, wounding Og and Raaxis before being killed, though as it died, it issued a warning “You will never defeat the Inquisition”.

Armed with this disturbing information, the party continued to explore, finding a flight of stairs up, finding a armoury, filled with breastplates and a single suit of plate armour.

After the armoury, the party found a guardroom, and deciding a ambush was in order, kicked the door in and quickly killed the handful of guards and two inquisition Captains. Their victory was short lived, as behind another door, a pair of the Inquisitions priests lurked, along with a warhammer wielding, heavily armoured warrior, who proceeded to severely wound Raidne, and and to banish Og to a pocket plane while they tried to kill the rest of the party, coming close on several occasions, but eventually the party prevailed.

Heavily wounded the party is now looking for a place to rest up, hoping that they will not be bothered during the night….


Hedron Hedron

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