Is it Freedom?


3 First Autumn 150AU

After removing the rest of the Inquisition forces from the keep, including one of it’s most powerful leaders, Car’Leon, the party discovered a portal that one of the Inquisition researchers was trying to get to work, as according to one of the researchers journals, “… it was the device the gnomes utilised to defeat the High Elves when hope was all but lost…”

Upon reading more of the journals, the party discovered that while the Inquisition haven’t yet discovered how to make the strange, almost bronze metal lining the walls of the Gnomish keep, they had figured out how to cut and reshape it, using a strange dagger that the party had recovered earlier.

They have also discovered that the entirety of the Gnomish fortress had been stripped of most of the metal, and the Inquisition had removed a good portion of the Gnomish clockwork devices to Hendra the City, via a room in the keep that had been reconfigured to a teleportation circle, as well as sending the several chests of more valuable items via a convoy to a more established Inquisition fortress to the south-east of Baraan.

Armed with this info, and that received from a group of captured Inquisition soldiers, the party plans their next move, knowing that the elves are coming…


Hedron Hedron

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