Here are some extra background options for the characters in the world of Palonas. Please note that some are restricted to certain races or classes.

Escaped Elf Slave
(Restricted to human and half-elf)

Through either bad weather aboard ship, being rescued by a human vessel, or planning and executing your own escape, you managed to free yourself from the piratical High Elves and escaped into the wider world. You may be bitter, you may be happy, and you may be full of vengeance, but you are free.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I managed to escape and I will revenge myself onto the Elves
2 My parents were born slaves, yet they helped me escape, I will make them proud
3 My parents were captured and killed during a escape attempt, I will live the life they should have had
4 I will bring the elves down, by any means necessary
5 I’ve spent my life as a slave, what will I do now?
6 I’ve spent my life as a gladiator for the amusement of the elves, what do I fight for now?
d4 Ideal
1 I serve the gods of my heritage, forbidden to me as a slave (Lawful)
2 I will free all those who remain slaves, either to elf or man (Chaotic)
3 I will be the greatest, to show the world I have value (Evil)
4 I will aid any that need it, even if it may hurt me in the long run (Good)
d4 Bond
1 I will always aid the person that freed me
2 I will rescue my family from the clutches of the elves
3 I will reclaim my families name, honor or property
4 I will have my revenge on my elven masters
d4 Flaw
1 I hate all those that view me with pity
2 I hate all elven kind, whether they take slaves or not
3 I see hate where there is none
4 I fear I will obey any orders issued to by an elf

Proficiencies: Athletics, Stealth
Tools: Choose one of Artisans Tools (carpentry, weaving, masonry only)
Languages: Elven
Equipment: A wooden token engraved with your (former) masters sigil, a set of common clothes, a dagger, a belt pouch with 5gp

Feature: Freedom
You’ve mastered the knack of looking down-trodden and penniless, even when you’re not, and can find shelter for yourself in any town, and can occasionally also obtain food in this way. You are also a friend to those in servile positions, if an action will hurt their masters without being tracked back to them, they may aid you in small ways.


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