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Notes on Time

A typical year on Palonas is 305 (24 hour) days long, split into 12 months, each consisting of 5 five day weeks. Four of the remaining days are “season days” that occur at the start of the season in question, while the last is Midyear, which falls in the roughly in the middle of the 6th month (It’s days are numbered 1-16, Midyear, 17-25)

They are:

Spring’s Dawn
Summer’s Day
Autumn Falling
Finally, there is Godday, which occurs once every five years, in the middle of summer (the day after Midyear, there is usually a huge festival on what is generally referred to as Weekend).

Dates are written day month number season year so the 15th day of the second month of winter is written: 15th second winter 150 AU

There are numerous year systems in the world, in Hendra, they count the years since the birth of the Faith of the Unchained, with AU standing for After Unchaining, and BR for Before Release

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