A small farming community, Penthflower’s only claim to importance is that it’s the most western town in Hendra, as is being fortified slowly by the Inquisition, though with the timbers for the barracks disappearing and the renewed elven raids to the south, the progress has been slow.

Places of Note

The Sunset Inn – Owned and run by Bolan
The Mill – A large water driven mill that provides most of the flour for the town
Inquisition Barracks – At the moment it’s just a large frame, with no walls, as the building materials keep on disappearing – as of 24 First Summer 150 AU, this has been fully pulled down by the residents and use to rebuild the blacksmith and start a palisade around the village.
Uncle Mede’s Trading Post – the only store in town, it typically stocks hunting and farming items, but Uncle Mede has been known to send his eldest boy down the trade road to arrange special items.

Upgrade Process

As the party has “inherited” the town, they have begun to improve it, and they have started by rebuilding the smithy, starting a wall and preparing some of the villagers to be militiamen.


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