Below is a listing of the most common races of the world of Palonas, which can be divided broadly into two categories, the Elderkind and the Young Ones. The Elderkind are: Elves, Dragonborn and Gnomes, with the rest belonging to the Young Ones (or younger races)


There are three main “subraces” of humanity, the Weskans the mountain people, the Maus, dark skinned jungle natives and the Casians, the merchant clansmen.


The elves, one of the eldest of the races are feared throughout the world since the Dragonwars – more info can be found here


There are two subraces of Dwarves, though non-Dwarves have difficulty determining the difference. More info on the dwarves can be found here

The half breeds

There are many sorts of races with a trace of non-human blood, the primitive Half Orcs, the victimised Half-Elves, and the bizarre and rare Tieflings.


The gnomes of the world vanished some 500 years ago, though two subraces are believed to exist, Rock Gnomes and Forest Gnomes

There are two types of halfling, the nomadic Lightfoot and the city dwelling Stouts


The Dragonborn are a small clan based race, that some believe are dying out, as fewer and fewer are seen outside of the Dragon Isles.


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