Is it Freedom?

Demon Escape

Wait, what?

3 Second Autumn 150AU

After returning to Drask, you headed for Penthflower, trying to discover what exactly the elves had done to Ba’aran, when Jaunet’s scrying had revealed the mostly intact city covered in strange growths.

On route, you discovered that Etherwine had been overrun (of a sorts) by thousands of refugees from Ba’aran, living in squalid conditions, as the small town clearly wasn’t coping with the influx of hungry mouths.

With some of you returning to Penthflower to arrange for supplies and further housing and travel some stayed in the town to try and optimise the poor living conditions for the people of Ba’aran.

Overnight, Father Eldin, the old priest of the Unchained that administered to the town was found brutally murdered in his chamber in the church. Concerned, Raaxis sent a message to those that returned to Penthflower – bringing them back to Elderwine rapidly to help in the investigation.

Guessing that a re-abandoned woodsman cabin may hold the key – you investigated the area – and found it protected by a strange magical field.

Penetrating the magical defence, you found a secret chamber behind a concealed panel in the cabins basement. Following the tunnel and disposing of several archaically dressed Inquisition warriors that collapsed into rotted torsos in death, you entered a chamber where all the flagstones were uneven.

Expecting a trap, Elthuin entered the room, eventually triggering a concussive blast that settled the flagstones down into the ground. As Elthuin and Og explored further into the complex, several doors slammed behind them, isolating them from their fellows and stepping out from the walls were two Trolls.

After a long fight, the party discovered that the assassin of Father Eldin was the young girl they rescued from the Inquisition training ground some weeks before.

As they finally killed her, a gruff, rasping voice echoed weirdly from the corpse “Thank you, I’m now free….” and as the sounds finished, the body exploded, revealing a huge demon, one that promptly teleported towards the exit, appearing right next to Jaunet, who used his recently acquired Staff of Insects to hide himself from the demon.

After a moment, with nothing but the sounds of insects in the air, Jaunet dismissed his spell, only to discover that the demonic creature had fled, most likely back towards Elderwine…..


Hedron Hedron

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