Is it Freedom?

Into the depths

3 First Autumn to 10 First Autumn 150AU

After clearing the Gnomish keep and a rather abrupt conversation with Esky and some other Gnomes, you found yourself in the capital of Hendra, Hendra the City.

There, you encountered the head of the Church of the Unchained, Car’Anon, and after a puzzling conversation in which you learned little of what the Inquisition’s ultimate plans were, you did learn that they had planned a trap for the Elves at Baraan.

After fighting in a “tourney” to prove you were of some use to the Inquisition, you were teleported to somewhere in Hendra, west of your town of Penthflower, but not quite as far as the Gnomish Keep.

Some 20 miles to the south, you could make out some ruins. Deciding that looting the remnants of a vanished race sounded fun, you headed into the ruins and found a hidden set of tunnels beneath a old firepit.

Inside, the tunnels had a weird acoustic effect, with strange echoes and unusual walls. Unsure of who constructed the tunnels originally, given that they are sized for shorter than average humans, or tall dwarves.

Inside a chamber, again with weird sound effects, you encountered a large green crystal, inside which was trapped a large demon, that after a convoluted conversation, did what most demons do – it attacked.

You’ve just finished off the demon, you pause for a second to consider your next move…


Hedron Hedron

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