Is it Freedom?

To Bara'an

12 Second Autumn 150AU

After tracking down the demon and slaying it, and a brief jaunt to the Sirocco Straits care of a Planar Tear in the lab of an pre-Inquisition wizard, whom Elthuin and Chiana believed to be that of Ezra the Mad, though with the degradation of the tower and it missing several levels, they couldn’t be certain.

After a brief discussion and use of divination magic, the party headed south towards Bara’an along the Drask Road, unfortunately, after a few days of travel, they (or rather Og) stumbled across a elven patrol that caused some serious damage to the party, and scattered them across several miles as they avoided the patrols backup.

Now, split up and with a second patrol looking for them, can the party regroup?


Hedron Hedron

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