Tag: Deities


  • Liabetia

    h2. Liabetia, Goddess of Life and Death _The Sunrise Maiden, The Twilight Crone_ *Domains*: Life, Death *Typical Worshipers*: Humans, Halflings, Farmers, Gravediggers *Faith Masters*: Huon the Dawn Warden, Unfrath the Night Warden *Priests*: …

  • Dragazk

    h2. Dragazk, Lord of the Mountain _Highest of Kals, Stone Carver_ *Domains*: Life, Knowledge *Typical Worshipers*: Dwarves *Faith Master*: Brewmaster Dhareg of Drask *Priests*: Alemasters *Holy Symbol*: A foaming beer mug

  • Elsabi

    h2. Elsabi, Queen of the Elves _Storm Maiden, The Sea Witch_ *Domains*: Arcana, Nature, Tempest *Typical Worshipers*: High Elves, acknowledged but not worshiped by Drow and Wood Elves. *Faith Master*: Unknown, priests of Elsabi are rarely away …

  • Farad

    h2. Farad, the Old Man _The Sylph Lord, Master of the Breezes_ *Domains*: Light, Life, Tempest *Typical Worshipers*: Humans, various half-races, glassblowers *Faith Master*: Yuasa the Sylph *Priests*: Breezes *Holy Symbol*: A whisp of cloud

  • Zarebi

    h2. Zarebi the Eternal Flame _Firehair, The Dancer_ *Domains*: Light, Tempest, War *Typical Worshipers*: Gnomes, Paladins, Warriors *Faith Master*: None, though individual temples have a "Corona" who is in charge *Priests*: Sparks *Holy Symbol*: …